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Side Orders

A $1.00 charge will be added if extra guacamole or sour cream is desired. 

Taco                                              1.75

Chalupa                                        4.50

Folded flour tortilla, deep fried, filled with beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato. 


One Chimichanga                         4.50

with rice and beans                       7.50

Choice of chicken or beef, served with sour cream and guacamole. 

Tortilla Soup                                  6.75

Chile Relleno                                 3.75

Taco Salad                                     5.50

Ground beef or chicken served in a deep-fried flour tortilla bowl, topped with lettuce, cheese and tomato; choice of French, thousand island, blue cheese dressing, sour cream or guacamole. 

Ricardo Taco                                  4.50

Soft flour tortilla filled with beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato. 

Dinner Salad, choice of dressing    3.00

Tamale                                           3.00

Spanish Rice                                  3.00

Refried Beans                                3.00

Four Flour Tortillas                        2.00

Five Corn Tortillas                         2.00

Sour Cream                                   2.25

Guacamole                                   3.00

Prices subject to change.

updated 2/18

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